Building Automation – Save Your Business Energy & Money

Managed Technology Services - Building Automation

Building automation is part of what we do at OPI Tech Managed Technology Services. Building Automation, also known as energy management and/or direct digital controls, is done in order to save your business energy and money. These are only a couple of the advantages to building automation.

The advantages to building automation

  1. Saving Energy by controlling your lights, heating and air-conditioning (HVAC) with
    schedules and occupancy sensors.
  2. Knowing when there is a problem with your mechanical equipment enables you to be
    proactive and avoid emergency service calls.
  3. Being able to control multiple buildings and or sites from one central point.
  4. Monitor critical temperature sensors & other environmental or power sensors in
    real time and alarms can be set as soon as the alarm limit is breached.
  5. Alarms can be sent vis analog calls with recorded messages, text messages, and email.

Services Include:
• Server Room & Critical Temperature Alarming

• Cellular Monitoring & Alarming for Remote Sites

• Tridium Niagara® HMI Programming and Graphics

• BACnet® & LONWORKS® Direct Digital Control systems

• Automatic Temperature Controls Installations & Wiring

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