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Free Malware and Vulnerability Scanner.

Free Malware and Vulnerability Scanner Find out if your website has been hacked or has any security issues that need to be addressed.    

It is important to note that unsupported versions of Windows, like XP, did not receive this security update. Those systems should either be isolated or shut down.

Massive Global Ransomware Attack Underway, Patch Available This entry was posted in General Security on May 12, 2017 by Dan Moen   0 Replies This is a Wordfence public service security announcement for all users of computers running any version of Windows.Read More ›

The Grandstream GXP2170 is a powerful High-End IP phone yet very affordable

The GXP2170 is a powerful High-End IP phone that is ideal for busy users who handle high call volumes. This top-of-the-line IP Phone features up to 12 line keys/line appearances and 6 SIP accounts using a 4.3 inch color displayRead More ›