Managed Technology Services – Secure Business Computers & Servers

Managed Technology Services Provider

OPI TECH offers managed technology services that add another proactive layer to keeping business computers & servers secure from viruses & threats. The technology world is growing exponentially year to year, and with it comes increased vulnerabilities and those who wish to use them to their advantage at the expense of the owners. This is why managed technology with advanced security should be a top priority. OPI TECH Managed Technology Services can give you the peace of mind knowing your systems are secure so you can continue to focus on what you need to, day to day.

We secure business computers & servers using the following:

  1. Network management & rouge node detection
  2. Patch management using Windows Update Services for servers and PCs
  3. Updating Virus / Threat protection programs and pushing to servers and PCs
  4. Incident response and threat mitigation after email notification from server
    monitoring infected device

Managed Technology Services include:

• Anti-Virus Software & Virus Removal

• Online & Onsite Data Backup solutions

• Server & Client Computer Installations

• WatchGuard Intrusion Prevention Systems

Do you need to secure your company computers and servers? Contact us today at 484-639-6400 or by submitting the online form. Don’t wait until you’re hacked or under a cyber attack. Save money now by getting the security you need from a trusted and experienced company.