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Hackers use college student loans tool to steal $30 million

Up to 100,000 people are exposed to identity theft after thieves exploited an IRS tool meant to help students apply for college loans. A financial aid tool for college students helped hackers steal up to $30 million from the USRead More ›

You Should Uninstall QuickTime For Windows

Everything has a beginning and an ending! You should uninstall QuickTime for Windows Even the US government warns Apple’s video player is unsafe. Also, say goodbye to your iTunes Allowance, and OS X may soon become MacOS. If Apple isRead More ›

Apple blocks older, risky Flash plug-ins, forcing you to upgrade

The Mac maker is forcing users of older versions of the Flash Player plug-in to update in the name of security. Adobe Systems Mac users who browse the Web via Safari won’t be able to access Adobe Flash-enabled sites unlessRead More ›