Video & IT Security Services – Physical Security & Cybersecurity

Managed Technology Services - Video & IT Security Services

When referring to our security services, It is just like security at your house with a layered approach (Doorknob lock, deadbolts, alarm system, and a dog). Every missing layer like firewall with active protection, antivirus, physical security, and good network security opens opportunities for the criminals.

Go on the offense with cybersecurity & physical security services

For physical security services, we install and service:

  • Door access systems with video
  • Video cameras that integrate with Grandstream VOIP phone systems

For cyber security services, we install and service:

  • WatchGuard firewalls
  • Active intrusion protection
  • Computer and network antivirus scanning
  • Internet content filtering devices

Security Services include:

• CCTV Systems

• IP Video Cameras

• Network Video Recorders

• Video Door Entry Systems

• Campus Alert Systems

• Weather Alert Systems

• Public Address Systems

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